Shinjuku Apartment Tsunami&earthquake
For a group: Pirvate weekly apartment of 3 bedrooms Being in the nature

Budget Rooms only for no-smokers!
Enjoy your life in your home away home in the middle of Tokyo!

How to get discount: e-mail us! Not avalable by phone call.
1 Room Private apartment:
 Available as budget twin use
 Private 1 room apartment
Loft Bed Studio:

Double size bed
Available until 2 person
Budget triple use with
extra futon bed on the floor
 Sophisticated stay:

2 bedroom private house:

Real life living in Tokyo

Monthly rent: negotiable
depends on your purpose
Kabuki information  Room with balcony. Kendo/aikido master from Bazil. Enjoy fireworks at the river!
Parents from Canadian tenant Nankin Tamasudare(Magic) Aikido   Massage & clinic/hospital
Garden / Balcony  Postal Information Comments  Area guide  Rental bicycle
 Who wants to work in Japan
as a model/actor/actress
for TV, event, shooting:
Office Marika
 Tourism model plan Bus Tour

World watch
How to go to

Haneda Airport/Narita Airport

No more Fukushima!
Artificial earthquake
 Tatoo by Take
6,000 yen/hour
In your room
free counters
A room with a high bed   Futon bedding  Paper window  Tatami mat room

Private bedroom for non-smoking budtet stayers
Being in the heart of Tokyo

Tokyo Central Located 新宿アパートメント 
Accommodation for travel and long stay in Shinjuku, Japan.
Room available
click the picture!
Message from manager:

Welcome to Japan.
We offer you a room
in the most practical &
central area in Tokyo.
Enjoy your stay!