Shinjuku Apartment
Reservation:See more info about reservation/cancellation
Reservation must be done by e-mail.
Please, avoid telephone calls.
Arrival & departure date, number of people must be informed in advance.
When the payment by bank deposit or paypal is done your room is confirmed.
Reconfirm your arrival three days before your arrival to inform your approximate
arrival time.
Falling to contacting us for more than 3 months from our last contact the
reservation might be automatically cancelled, no refund, in this case
a substitute room will be provided according to the available schedule.
Contact us only one person from your group to avoid confusion/misunderstanding.
Use only e-mail, please, never text message of cell phone that we don't accept or a
phone call.
For the security reason, use our direct e-mail address as much as possible not the
website e-mail of roomorama or flipkey as it is not safe to put the private information
on other company's website, it can be seen by anybody in the world.
Number of guest:
Number of guest must be informed at the reservation.
For an extra person 2,000yen/night or 15000yen/month is charged.
Only authorized guest can enter/sleep in our properties.
Unauthorized person can't enter. Inform us first before bringing somebody in your
room, make a payment.
In case finding out an unauthorized person, 5,000 yen/night or case, will be charged
no matter overnight or just spending hours.
Allowed to bring guest to your property if authorized except Super Budget Dance
School Rooms.
No smoking policy:click!
Not only in your room but also in the common place including balcony,
roof top garden, parking lot, in front of the apartment.
Arrival time:
Your approximate arrival time must be informed three days before your
trip to Tokyo.
Loosing a key will be charged the actual cost of the key renewal.
Rent will be charged until the key will be returned.
Refundable Key deposit(10,000 yen) is required to long term tenants.
Damage you made will be compensated from the refundable deposit.
Don't put wet towel on futon or tatami but on the floor/bathroom/entrance.
Using wash machine is free of charge.
Burnable, unburnable, recyclable gabbage must be sorted out precisely.
Illegal thrown away will be penelized in Japan. Extra cleaning fee will be added
if not sorted out correctly.that must be done by our side.
Cleaning your own room is your responsibility during your stay.
Don't eat in the bed but only at the eating table.
If you drop food, pick it up immediately especially if it is on carpet/tatami..
Sleeping linen:
One set will be provided at the beginning.
Damaging linen must be informed from your side.
Rent for the entire period (maxmum 1 month) is charged when the rental
commitment is done.
Cancellation: detail
Before payment:
Within 1 month: Minimum period (3 days) is required.
Within 3 days: Full rent will be charged.
Cancellation: after payment:
Within 1 month : Deposit refund. Rent no refund.
Actual paypal cost will be deducted.
Before 1 month: Refund after deducting minimum period (3 days)+ deposit.
No pet allowed in this apartment except fish that must be taken with
you at the departure.
Foreign registration card:
Not necessary for short term stayers however we recommend to get it
if your stay is more than three weeks.
Earlier leaving:
No refund the balance rent. Deposit will be refund.

Amount depends on the duration.
Minimum 7,000 yen for a single use.
5,000 yen/person for short term.
1 month for longterm stayer above 3 months.
Deposit will be refund with the key exchange at the departure 
Departure cleaning/laundry fee:

1,000 yen/person or mininum 3,000 yen/stay will be deducted from the deposit
as well
as utility.
Deposit refund:
Refund by paypal adding 4% paypal fee or cash.
Leaving Notice:
1 month advance notice is required for a tenant who pay rent pay month. 1 month
rent is charged from the day giving leaving notice. 
Changing date:
Might be available to arrange if 1 month before the arrival.
Within 1 month might be not available however contact us, we'll do our best
to arrange your room. Changing fee 2,000 yen charged. 
Shinjuku Apartment