Shinjuku Apartment
Renovation record
better looking, more comfortable, everyday inproving
Month Contents Aaprtment
Aug. Kitchen area wall covered by tile 301
Aug. Bathroom floor construction covered by tile 301
Aug. Balcony windows renewed for right side room 206
Aug. Tatami renewed for northern room 206
Aug. Two computer tables to the corner room 2nd
Aug. Aircondition installed balcony side room 1ist
Aug. Microwave installed 1ist
Aug. Aircondition installed wooden floor South room 206
July Aircondition installed suite room 2nd
July Balcony windows renewed for left side room 206
July Aircondition installed corner room 2nd
July Aircondition installed west side room 1ist
June Computer table delevered 206
June Wash machine renewed 1ist
May Rain protection shield set in balcony 1104
May Computer table delevered 301
May Wall papered 204
Apr. Sound protection between rooms 301
Apr. Wall papered 301
Apr. Tatami mats changed down stairs room 1ist
Mar. Toilet light changing to flower shaped glass 206
Mar. Corridor light installed 1ist
Mar. Wash basin floor chaning 301
Mar. Electricity switch changing 206
Mar. Changing wall paper in 5,5 room 301
Mar. Painting the bathroom & kitchen area 301
Mar. Painting stairs and door 2nd
Mar. Painting the bathroom & kitchen area 204
Feb. Refredgerator renewed 1104
Feb. High chair brought to the kitchen 2nd
Feb. Key installing for balcony rooms. 301
Feb. Dress chest installed. 301
Feb. Mirrow installed above wash machine 2nd
Feb. Carpet changing. middle room. 204
Feb. Mirror changing at wash basin. 206
Feb. Electricity switch changing 206
Feb. Electric cord rearrangement. 204
Feb. Curtain lane installed. 204
Feb. 2nd floor switch repaired 1ist
Jan. New cupboard in kitchen 2nd
Jan. Low table prepared. 2nd
Jan. Extra tatami provided. 301
Jan. Heater prepared 1ist
Jan. Heater prepared 2nd
2005 Shinjuku Apartment utility
Attention to tenants: Renovation, repairing and installing things will be done
according to your request one by one. We try our best to fulfill your wish to
a comfortable life with us however it may take a while or not realized if costing
too much or considered as unnecessary case. Please, inform as soon as
possible if it is an emmergency case. Thanks. Shinjuku Apartment