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 Tokyo Report by Marika Updated today! Real voice of Tokyo resident  
Joe-san went to Sendai, An area affected by the Tsunami to help out as a volunteer worker.
Thank you for his contribution to Japan; we appreciate his humanitarian activity.
He used to live in our house when he did his PhD research in Tokyo and recently
he has lectured at Tokyo University as a guest professor from University of
San Francisco.
God bless him! 
Shinjuku Apartment
 Don't be fooled by the news of major international media!

I have opened this dairy style site to inform you the real information that is never reported
in the major news mdia.

The purpose of this site is to avoid you to have a wrong idea of Tokyo situation.
A normal life of a Tokyo resident doesn't have any reportage value for the professionals reporters
because they only need sensational scenes to attract their audience.
My information covers only Akebonobashi area (in Shinjuku-ku, 10 minutes walk to the Emperor's
outside canal and the ministry of defense, literaly middle of the central Tokyo) not the entire area
of Tokyo Metropolitan government however it is real information as it comes from a simple citizen
not from a professional reporter who just visits from a places to another for few hours
as a job.
I'm living here since my childhood as my hometown.
I hope my "Tokyo Report"will help you to figure out the real situation.
Enjoy your day!
God bless you!
日付 2011年7月25日23:36

Well, let’s hope the folks who ran away from Japan will realize they made a foolish choice
and will come back. I don’t understand why they didn’t think it was important for them to
stay and help build back a country that had been good to them! In any case, one cannot
run away from life! Bad things happen everywhere!!

Don’t worry, things may be tough for a while, but who knows, Japan may come back even stronger!

Many thanks for your good wishes. 

(Yxxx, Jamaica) 

Escape from Italy, France and China, you are not safe!

The nuclear rate of Rome in Italy was 0,25 μSv/h on March 16th.
In Shinjuku in Tokyo it was only a half of it, 0,131μSv/h on the same day.
It means Italy is twice dangerous than being in Tokyo.
Now our nuclear rate is much less, only 0,05 or less in Shinjuku while it is always more than 0,25 all year around in Italy,
France and China.
Although the poor Italians have to suffer so much breathing the nuclear contained air constantly (much more than twice
of ours) their life is not half of ours, their avarage life is only few years shorter than ours, our course we have the longest live
in the world.
What I like to tell you is, please, don't worry about our air of Tokyo as it is safe as usual, it is much safer being here than
living in those dangerous countries like Italy, France and China.
It is stupid if Italian/French/Chinese escape from Japan or to avoid visiting us due to the nuclear problem
because they have more dangerous air all year around in their own countries and the people breathe it repeatedly
without knowing it.
If somebody is intelligent enough to check the data of daily nuclear rate of their own air, they will easily understand
that they have been in danger a;ways ,not we Japanese.
What their government want to do is hiding the reality of the dangerous nuclear rate situation that is much higher than Tokyo.
Hiding information is not to let their people to be in panic.
I'm wodering why people of those three countires don't escape from their countries to come to a safe place like Japan.
I have no idea where I can get the nuclear rate of Russia and United States, if you know the link, please, inform me.
Thank you. (marika)


  Date: 2011/4/22

Castro-san & Sylvana-san, thank you for your nice picture with a Japanese flag
that is encouraging us a lot! God bless you!
Japan needs friends like you.
Save this high school in Iwate-prefecture! 日本語 援助情報

Send whatever to those students and their family!
What to send?
Anything what you can find in your house/office:
Food, canned drink, towel, blanket, something to wear incuding underwear/socks, pens, books, etc.
With you nice message encouraging them.
Thank you!

To: Mr.Hiroyuki Ozawa
3-1-9 HonmachiDori,
Iwate-ken 020-0015
Tel: 019-622-6570
〒020-0015 岩手県盛岡市本町通三丁目1-9

Tokyo Metropolitan Government rescue division accepts only four items like rice, noodle, drink
and diaper not everything.
Miyagi Prefecture local government doesn't accept even rice or blanket, they say they have
Those big organization a picky and choosy, they put all items in the big storage not providing
to individual quickly enough from the beginning, they are very slow as they are calculating
how many people they should provide and what, making a list who has sent, very burocracy,
not prompt enough.
I have sent 6 boxes until now directly from Tokyo to above school teacher, it took only one or
two days to get there, an individual care package is much faster and more practical.

Many people donage money to Red Cross or some big organization however I'm not sure whether
those fund finally reach to the individual person in the Northern prefecture refgee camps of Tsunami.
That's why I feel more comfortable to send things directly to a person whose name we know.
 Date: 2011/4/2

Dear Marika-san
Thank you for your website. It is good to get some real information from a local Tokyo citizen!
I'm afraid the whole world has some different image at the moment...

I'm already back to work since last weekend, as my company is getting back to its normal routine.
Fortunately almost all foreigners returned back to work, as we have many international people here
(American, South-African, French, Italian, ..)

I also heard from my embassy that the international schools here in Tokyo reopened
on 28th of March!

Anyway its good to be back in Tokyo and get on with our daily life's.

Lets pray for the people in the north that that everything will be stable very soon!
Have a nice weekend! (Rxxx)
 2011/03/23 wed.

One of my tenants has sent me an e-mail from his mobile phone this morning.
2011. 3.23 8:33 :
Buon giorno!
I`m arriving in kyoto now,every morning i take the shinkansen in order to visit new places,
i have been to nagasaki,fukuoka,hiroshima,okayama,miyajima,oosaka,kyoto uji...
wonderful places Pxxx
From Marika
2011.3.23 8:43
What a wonderful news you give me!
Thank you for your enjoying my country.
Many foreigners have cancelled their trip however you are enjoying your tourism.
I really appreciate your positive activity and intelligence, it will encourage the people
in the northern prefecture.
Enjoy your trip and take a picture with Maiko-san together!
When will you be in Tokyo again?
2011. 3.23 8:50
i go back to tokyo every night,just for sleeping and i leave at 5 every morning,
so i can enjoy all day in new places...
it`s a pity that all the gaijins had canceled their trip but it`s medias and newspapers fault
with their stupid rumors they started scaryng people,
my parents too wanted me to go back to italy but luckly they are smart people and
after my explanation they calmed down and are not so shinpai about me!
thx God... Pxxxx
From Marika
Date: 2011/3/23
Thank you for your intelligence and great education you had!
Japan needs people like you!
BBC and CNN must report about your daily tourism trip instead of tunami.
Tsunami was over two weeks ago however they still send the same video
over and over.
It makes us very angry.
I'm so lucky to have known you.
Arigatou for your beautiful existence!
See you soon, I will be back on next Monday.
Enjoy your daily tourism.
In case you have time, visit Asuka, near Nara, this was the capital of Japan before Nara,
all started from there.
 2011/03/22 tue.

Following data is from

Kita-ibaragi: 0,891
Hitachi: 0,460
sendai: 0,20
Utsunomiya: 0,148

X-ray of a hospital : 0,050

Tokyo Shinjuku: 0,0462

data of March 20th 14:00 p.m.

Being in Tokyo is no problem.
Don't worry!
Explain to your friends,

 2011/03/21 mon.

I love this poem :

"Let us be silent
when troubled
or upset
when we are sad
and life is difficult
Let us close our month

calm our selves
Consider well
Then consider words"

by Hisashi Inoue (the former President of Japan Pen Club)
Drama "Hakone Gora Hotel"
Translated by Marika, corrected by Dustin
It seems like radiation rate is decreasing in fukushima nuclear plant.
15th xxxx---- 400
17th 3:30 p.m. 309
17th 8:00 p.m. 288,9
18th 8:00 a.m. 270
19th 2:42 p.m. 184

These are the number in fukushima not in tokyo.

X-ray in the hospital: 50 microsievert
16th : 15,5 in Ibaragi-prefecture (between Fukushima and Tokyo)
This is less than the x-ray, not effecting the body at all.
I can't find further information however I will try to update the exact number.
As it is so small except in Fukushima they might not inform.
I will check tomorrow's rate and inform you.
In tokyo there is almost nothing, so one doesn't need to be in panic.
 2011/03/21 11:09a.m.

Obrigado / Arigatou gozaimas.
Please keep us updated beacause this is the only issue that really causes concern.
  2011/03/20 sun.

Reading a couple of short essays of Hisashi Inoue in the morning as usual, these days I read
in the mornign day light to save energy.
I went to church by 50cc bike, after the mass and lunch, stopped at Kagurazaka House.
The odour of daphne in the garden is now the best moment, how nice to be there.
I need to work for the garden sometime this week to trim the apple tree, giving some fertilizer, etc.
as well as Enoki House garden.
Two boxes are now filled with many different kind of food by dance school and apartment.
Four people wrote handiwriting message to the school teacher of Iwate Prefecture whom we
are going to send them tomorrow.
How nice to see the quick action of our people, thank to them, they are very mature and full of
love to others.
As I go to church Sunday classes are always taught by my instructor.
The students are now practicing traditional Japanese dance titled "like a stream"(kawano nagare
no youni) that will be performed on the first Sunday of June.
In the evening I have taught one lesson, Luigi's choreograph, "Sing Sing, Sing"but only two patterns.
As this dance requires a lot of arms work, it is hard to match with the food work.
Having dinner for the first time with this student, a good occasion to know her.
 2011/03/19 sat.

What a lovely morning we had and have started our day with dance lessons.
During the weekend office workers can also come in the day time.
They have brough some thing to eat to fill the box we are going to send to the northern prefecture
as a small donation.
After being denied by the Metropolitan Government yesterday we were lucky to get an address of
a high school teacher of Morioka(iwate Prefecture) and have decided to send all to his personal
address not through the government organization.
We Japanese trust more individuals than officials according to our experience.
One of the daughters of my students told me that her daughter was in panic in abroad where she
was studying blieving that the capital of Japan was disastered surrounded by super wrong informaion
and came back few days ago to her mother's arms.
According to the student her daughter was crying for joy to see nothing has happened in Tokyo
and mother goes to take dance lesson every single day.
Foreigners/Japanese who are living outside of Japan and some foreigners especially young or
undergratuated get easily panic, emotional, hysteric and do some radical action however most
of Japanese and foreigners with mature attitude spend the days calm and appreciate in the
normal rhythm, with samourai attitude.
Please, calm down, we are fine in Tokyo and Japan will continue our history just like we have done
since 12,000 years.
We have the mission to continue it and hand over our unique culture and tradition to the next
I'm proud to be a dance teacher and an auther.
2011/03/18 fri.

 I was almost arguing with a Tokyo Metropolitan government officer this morning.
They were insisting the box of food(ramen, instant rice, rice cracker, buiscuit, things of panic
shopping of a German tenant, donated items from my dance school and apartment) but
the offider said that they only need pet bottled water/tea and elderly's Dipper at this moment!
How stupid!
People in Miyagi prefecture are suffering for food although there are plenty of it in Tokyo,
it is natural that we send some to them however according to them, it is hard to bring food
over there that is why they can't carry food.
I immediately asked them how they bring bottled drink and diaper but not food,
then the officer couldn't reply to me.
People in the shelter have no money, even with money there are no food in the shops in their
area while we Tokyo residents have our normal life.
I can't enjoy my meal if I see our people are starving in Miyagi.
Every night I invite people to have a social dinner here and I feel bad, I must act to help them.
The Tokyo Metropolitan Government offcer said there were many other people who called him
for offering the same thing however he has been denied.
I will directly contact with the local government of Miyagi prefecture.
 22:04 2011/03/17

After having a bath I went to the beauty salon by bicycle through the Gaien Sport Park.
On the way back I have noticed that the ice skating school was closed today, probably all
these days to save electricity, making artificial ice consumes too much electricity, it's not
the right sport for us.
The Italian Gelatteria "Napoli" was open and it was crowded like always, I have enjoyed
cramel cream.
On the street of Gaien-Higashi dori there is Anpanman shop, it's lovely, there were some
children and mothers inside, I have bought a bowl and container set of Baikinman.
Some shopping for dinner, prepared dinner.
Starting dance lesson, teaching traditional Japanese dance with a fan for female style.
CNN is reporting that there is food shorgate in Tokyo, I don't think so.
There are lot of food in the shelves in my area, I have no idea how come they give wrong
report to the world.
After dance lesson, Dustin has come with his parents, they have just returned from holiday in
Okinawa this afternoon.
My student and I have put his parents in kimono and took pictures.
According to Dustin one of the guests of Shinjuku Apartment bought numerous of instant ramen
and fried noodle and put on the kitchen table, obviously the result of a desperate shopping,
he wants to send these to Sendai as one doesn't need to eat preserved food because one can
eat in restaurants or buy good food from shops.
Anyway I have to go to sleep soon, I get up early these days to save electiricity.
It is fair. If I like to read, I can do it tomorrow with the sun light.
日付 2011年3月17日18:37

Dear Marika-san,
Thank you for your news, it's nice to know you are fine.
Actually, french news are less sensational than BBC or CNN.
They said japanese people are well organised and don't panic.
But we are worried about the nulear accident, I pray for engineers and technicians
who try to find soluction to avoid the worst.
Take care,

 15:04 2011/03/16

I have just returned from Shinjuku station area.
Isetan Department store (the biggest department store of Japan), Kinokuniya Book shop, Big Camera
electricity shop, Rental video Tsutaya and all other shops were opened.
I saw there were still full of items in the shops and I didn't see anybody carrying a big bag of full
items on their back, I think that Japanese people are mature not doing desperate shopping however
there aren't enough items in the shops in the northern prefecture however it is due to the bad road
condition not of crazy shopping.
Oh, only one floor of the rental video shop was closed today , it was the 8th floor,
the pornographic division.
It must be very hard for the men who want to rent those videos however it will be
a great contribution to save electricity that must be used for the northern prefecture.
I totally agree with the video shop policy.
12:49 2011/03/16

It is a copy from Benjamin Fulford website:
Please ignore scare-mongering corporate propaganda about nuclear fall-out from Japan
By Benjamin Fulford

There is a blizzard of panic mongering about nuclear melt-downs in Japan being generated
out of U.S. corporate propaganda "media" and their Japanese employees.
Please do not play into their hands because the generation of fear and panic is
one of their last weapons.

Here is a list of the corporate sponsors of the so-called "Egyptian revolution" as compiled
by the Japanese magazine "Kami no Bakudan" (paper bomb): Howcast, Edelman, Google, MTV,
CBS "News," Mobile Accord, You Tube, Facebook, MSNBC, National Geographic and
the Omnicon Group. They have proven themselves to be unreliable in the past so please ignore
any exaggerated panic causing news emanating from any of these propaganda outlets and
their Council on Foreign Relations god-fathers.

The world now faces a choice between mutually assured self-destruction and world peace.
We believe rational minds will prevail.

Benjamin Fulford 
His website:
日付 2011年3月16日11:55

Dear Marika-sensei,
My school has started again from this morning!
Although there isn't still a railway to my nearest station but happy to go to school.
I am happy to know that the situation of Tokyo is fine that we didn't know from the loca news.
I will come to dance lesson after things will be settled again after a while.
Oxxx (a high school student of Ibaragi prefecture)
Note: Ibaragi is located right next to Fukushima prefecture. 
 Tokyo Report:
March 16th 8:40

A beautiful day for laundry, people would go to Shinjukugyoen Park for picnic normally
for this season however this year we don't do it as we like to do extra things rather than a
normal things.
In the building where I am living, I saw elementary school boy aged around 8 years old,
according to him his school is always open and the pupils of his school have been studying
everyday, I 'm glad to see it.
Aikido honbudojo is also open and their athletes are training.
I think, one doesn't need to be panic in Tokyo and the best way is spending these days
normally as much as possible.
Anyway, my today's plan is practicing dance by myself in the morning, go to Kagurazaka house to
clean up as my tenant will come back tomorrow from his holiday of Okinawa, going to a hair salon,
then start to teach dance, today's program will be female style traditional Japanese dance.
Anyway, this earthquake related tragedy was not a natural disaster but an artificial one
arranged by xxxx:

When I come back from Shinjuku station area I will give more report as I don't see anything
different in my area.
Tokyo Report:
March 15th 3:00 p.m.

When I was in my area(Akebonobashi, near the ministry of defense) for shopping this afternoon,
the street(Yasukuni -Dori) was not crowded at all.
I think, only the Sendai area or between routes are busy with aid/construction/other official vihicles.
However I often hear the sound of hericopters those fly from the ministry of defense to the disastered
area bringing the defense army.
Shopping street that used to be called Fuji TV Street (the channel 8) until they moved to the Odaiba
latitude zero area is more or less normal, sushi, convenience store, bakery, glossary, chicken delica,
flower, vegetable, hardware, dry cleaning, farmacy, etc. all shops were open with full of items.
Empty shelves are only in the shops/convenience stores in the Miyagi Prefecture not in Tokyo.
Only significant phenomen was that I didn't see any toilet roll paper however most of houses have
sophisticated washing system, shower toilet of washing with hot water/drying up automatically,
it means for many houses toilet paper is even not necessary any more.
I find it is very stupid that people buy things in panic whatever even not necessary things without
thinking just to feel safe by the action of spending money.
Probably it is a good way to give a small contribution to the government too, as they can collect
it from the stores as tax.
Ichigaya area in Shinjuku-ku is the secret capital of Japan as it has the ministry of defense and
Japanese Yen printing factory right next to the ministry of defense.
Gvernment never cuts electricity in this area, it is the advantage of being in the central area.
Ichigaya (Ushigome area, Kagurazaka) is on the heights n the solid land that is why it is safe
even for the earthquake while the latitude zero area like Sumida river or ASakusa area..
I have to explain about the latitude zero area of Tokyo.
Historically the bay area was always the residential area for the fishermen whose life was made
by the sea production(non only shish but seaa plant and shell) and they used to go to the
residential area to sell their production they caught in the morning.
That was why they needed to live right next to the coast side.
Until Showa era there were still people who lived in their small boats who didn't have stable
address but they simply worked and live in their boats to carry things from the big ship to the
To expand the land Japan has been making new territory used by garbage in Tokyo Bay.
I personally want to tell the government to plant trees and bamboo to make the land solid
however numerous or high buildings were built on the artificial land that might have problem.
Anyway, back to the report, Marunouchi line subway comes no more every one minute but
only after several minutes according to the situation however the subway is running in the
metropolitan area that is why my students can come to dance.
The most important thing is continuing the normal life and try to go on your way.

One of my student said that her mother in Kyushu called her many time to say coming back to
her mother's house saying "haven't you seen the TV news?".
Then my student replied to her mother, "the TV news doesn't show any scene of Tokyo but
old pictures of several days of only the worst destroyed area. I see the reality of Tokyo
everyday as I am living in it".
According to her she receives mother's phone calls several times everyday.
Probably many other mothers might be doing the same as this mother being completely
brainwashed by the wrong news, it is the real danger what we are facing now in Tokyo.

Dear Marika-san,
Thank you for the message.
I know what you wrote in that message is all true.
I work in Tokyo and live in Saitama, I am aware we had no tragedies here, thank God.
Tokyo Report:
 March 14th 6:00 p.m.

Dear my friends,

I have just finished my dance lesson with my student.
The situation of Tokyo Metropolitan government 23 district is normal
just like every single day.
As my place is located in the middle of the middle, we have no shortage of anything.
However the electricity of the local area was cut for save energy
according to the government decision.

Watch out with the international big media news like BBC or CNN.
Their news emphasis the super dangerous video of Sendai city that has
nothing to do with Tokyo.

Only watching those sensational news is dangerous for you,
you are already brainwashed by the extraordinary scenes repeatedly
showing over and over,
they do it consciously until you will be fully brainwashed by their news.
News media companies try to make their program with full of extra
ordinary tragedy video scenes as it is a kind of entertainment business,
their job is not simple reporting.
Of course the people who live in abroad have wrong idea about the
situation though the wrong information,
you might think that I'm living miserably in a broken house with one small rice ball in my hand,
it is wrong, I and anybody in Tokyo Metropolitan area live normally,
we have enough food, I enjoy the best pastry and bagette from a sophisticated French backery
in Kaguzakaka (near Emperor's outside canal area in Shinjuku-ku),
they have plenty of them just like any other day and we have 24 hours supermarket too.
Don't believe what news media are reporting.
Food shortage is only in that particular area where the streets and railway are cut
not other part of Japan.

I teach dance everyday except last friday(the day when the earthquake happened),
my students study Luigi style Jazz Ballet like any other day,
I went to church on Sunday just like any other Sunday morning.

I have received over hundred e-mails from my friends in abroad,
thank you for your inquiring, everybody is very much worried about Japan and me,
what a lucky woman I am,
having so many friends in the world,
however I and my students are fine, spending normal life just like other days,

Being calm and not in panic is very important.
Hysteric action without deep thinking doesn't bring any good result.

As for the nuclear plant issue, it is almost same level of X-ray, one
doesn't need to emphasize the issue.
Don't believe what the big media news are reporting but listen to the real voice
of the resident of Tokyo,
I can tell you what I did these days and will do.
What I can do is saving energy to help my government sending it to the
northern prefectures.
My cats don't have the heated carpet however they are intelligent
enough to understand, actually our temperature is already nearly 19
degree in the room
even without using heater, we don't need heater any more.
I don't use the dryer machine but just hanging laundry under the
beautiful sunshine, I get up early to use the sun light to read, go to sleep early.
This kind of small saving electricity contributes to the country.
The life in Tokyo is no problem.
I can give you better news about the situation of Tokyo than CNN.
I don't know much about other area however about Tokyo, I'm a specialist
as a real resident of Tokyo.

I hope you see now the reality.
If you have some question, don't hesitate to ask me.

Have a nice evening!
God bless you,

This is a message from one of our former tenants of Shinjuku Apartment:
日付 2011年3月15日0:10

Dear Marika san

I agree with what you say: the mainstream media always takes tragic,
real life events and adds a dramatic spin to it in order to spread an ambiance of fear
and awe among their viewers
(kind of mind control).
They do this deliberately to attract viewers and control how the
information is presented
. I think the power of the tsunami was unbelievable;
however seeing it just once or twice is enough, I don't need to watch it hundreds of times
on NHK or CNN etc. Some people watch tragedies on TV almost like pornography,
and can even become addicted to the manufactured drama...
It is better to get realistic information from small (esp. local) media outlets,
with the voices of real people who are there.

After I understood that most people in Tokyo were okay, I was nolonger worried.
I still plan to come to Tokyo to visit in the near
future (hopefully I can come for o-hanami this year).
The people in Tohoku who lost everything need our practical help and charity right now,
but not our pity.
We should do everything we can to help them (even if just small things),
such as donating money or supplies to charity etc. (or conserving electricity
for their use as you have been doing).
The people there will work hard to rebuild, and they will succeed in time.
Actions and helping out real people is important,
just sitting and watching the news and feeling bad about the world is not a solution.

The only thing I am still a little concerned about is the nuclear power situation in Fukushima...
This is because the government has been lying about the situation.
But after doing my own research (reading independent, alternative media),
I understand that the chance of a major Chernobyl style disaster are less than 1%.
Even though the Fukushima plants are old by Japanese standards (built in the 70s),
they are still much, much better than Soviet power plants.
I just hope they can flood the reactors with sea water to prevent anymore fuel rods melting,
contain the radioactive leakage, and just build newer power plants.
Hopefully the radiation will not reach Tokyo or have any long term effects.
However, I am sad that the delicious fruit (peaches etc.) from Fukushima
will probably not be edible again for a long time...

Last night I played at a charity badminton tournament with Japanese
friends in BKK. Many Japanese people have been organizing similar
events. This is why I know Japan will be okay - because the people
are calm and rational and joining together to help each other. I have
donated money, but not to the Red Cross (who only steal the money and
don't actually spend it on food and supplies for people). Better to donate to small,
local charities who can act quickly and have the greatest positive impact.
I only hope the people who lost their homes can get the food and supplies
they need as soon as possible, especially since it is cold these days...

Best regards,

From Marika:
I appreciate your intelligent message.
God bless all of you! (March 15th)   
 日付 2011年3月15日6:51

ich hoffe es geht Ihnen und Ihrer Familie gut.
Ich wünsche Ihnen nd dem ganzen japanischen Volk viel Stärke uund Glaube in dieser schweren Zeit.
Meine Gedanken sind bei Ihnen.
Mit echtem Mitgefühl, Pxxxx
Von Marika:
Danke fuer Ihre Sorge. Hier in Tokio geht es gut..
 日付 2011年3月14日22:45

Hi !
I'm glad everything seems to be fine.
You know I'm not so worried about the problems that meteo bring. But about theses problems
I heard about the Nuclear factories.
According the Nuclear Agency of Japan Fukushima-Daiichi got the reactor °1 and °3
has exploded and there is a possibilty that the core of the °2 is able to merge soon...

I Heard they said: There's no possibilites of a second Tchernobyl...
But something bad can happen. Im conscious is not going to be like a big explosion like Hiroshima
and things like that...but I'm scared if there's some nuclear particles
that make the air more toxic that the safe-zone :/.
What about the Narita Airport ? still submerged ?
I've been watching the price for a flight ticket...Now its soooo cheap to go to Tokyo ^^...
Bonne chance !
From Marika:
Narita airport is OK, planes come and go.
Some of Japanese dancers left Japan today for New York for dancing according to
Luigi Jazz Dance Centre of Studio Maestro. (March 15th)
Japan Dance Art   Shinjuku Apartment  Office Marika