Paypal fee: Shinjuku Apartment
If you use your own fund in your Paypal account: no fee charged.
If you pay from Paypal account with credit card: they charge 4% (at your cost).

Paypal charge is not always same that might depends on the original curruncy you pay.
When an American paypaled 20,000 yen they took 820 yen commission while they
took only 650 yen from a German, 200 yen difference.See also the row of 80,000 yen.
Same price however different charge the took, it is due to the Euro and Dollar exchange to Japanese Yen.
For a small amount of payment, Paypal is more practical, faster and less charge as a bank
charges 2500 yen/case for any amount of remittance.
For a bank deposit you have to prepare the cash in advance however Paypal deposit, cash is not necessary if your payment will be done by credit card.
It is the difference between a bank deposit and Paypal payment.
Amount you send: Paypal Fee(deducted): Balance:
\175,00JPY \6865JPY \168,135JPY
\130,00JPY \5110JPY \124,890JPY
\115,000JPY \0 JPY (no charge) \115,000 JPY
\110,000JPY \4,440JPY \105,670JPY
\87,600JPY \3,018JPY \84,582 JPY
\80,000JPY (Spain) \3,160JPY \76,840 JPY
\80,000JPY (Japan) \2,760 JPY \77,240 JPY
\75000JPY \2965JPY \72,035JPY
\75000JPY \2926JPY \71,074JPY
\72000JPY \2848JPY \69,152JPY
\67,500JPY \2673JPY \64,827JPY
\60,000JPY \2,380JPY \57,620JPY
\40,000JPY \1600JPY) \38,400JPY
\34,000JPY \1,366JPY \32,634 JPY
\32,500JPY \1,308JPY \31,192JPY
\32,000JPY \1,288JPY \30,712JPY
\30,734JPY \1,239JPY \29,495 JPY
\30,000JPY \1,210JpY \28,790JPY
\25,000JPY \1,015JpY \23,985JPY
\20,000JPY(U.S.A.) \820JPY \19,180 JPY
\20,000JPY(Germany) \650JPY \19,350 JPY
\18,000JPY \742JPY \17,258JPY
\10,500JPY \450JPY \10,050JPY
\10,000JPY \430JPY \9,570 JPY
\6,000JPY \274 JPY \5, 726JPY
\5,000JPY \235 JPY \4, 765JPY
\1,000JPY \79 JPY \921JPY
$770USD $30,33 $739,6 USD
$170USD $6,93USD $163,07USD
$100USD $4,20USD $95,80USD
Paypal payment arrives after three seconds while a bank deposit takes 5 days with around 30$ bank charge however it is your choice whether you use it or not.
Shinjuku Apartment