laundry inforation  which house    
wash amchine.  area  property    No. 
in the house  Youtsuya   Honshio-cho   Private
in the studio  Yotsuya Sakamachi 1st floor   Private  2
in the studio Yotsuya  Sakamachi 2nd floor  Private  3
in the house  Yotsuya Loft 201   Private  4
in the house Yotsuya  Loft 202  Private  5
in the balcony Yotsuya Suga 203   Private  6
in the balcony Yotsuya  Minami-motomachi  Private  7
in the bathroom Ushigome-
Johokudai 306  4 rooms  8
in the house Ushigome-
Yarai-cho   Private  9
in the house  Ushigome-
Aikido House 3 rooms  10
 in the studio Yotsuya  Super Budget  2 rooms  11
For 2) & 3), bring your laundry with powder/liquid soap.
Hang in your own garde (2).
behind the dance school building (3) & (11)  
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