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About our houses, in Ninja residence district:   Yotsuya
Honshio-cho is historically a district of Ninja.

Honshio-cho & Sakamachi are located in fornt of the ministry of defense,
between Yotsuya, Ichigaya and Akebonboashi station.

There were two big Ninja group.
Iga school and Koga.The top of Iga was Hanzo Hattori, his name is still kept
at the gate of the Emperor's palace and as the name subway line.
Koga Ninha residence was located in Honshio-cho and the entire district was
a fortress, isolated from other area.
My grandparents house used to be Honshio-cho 14, only 30 seconds from
our house, that used to be a resident of Kohga Ninja during Edo era.
When the Shogun government was over, a big capital called Sumitomo bought
it and it was kept by them probably used for their employee.
When my father became the chairman of Sumitomo Bank Yotsuya branch,
he bought it, the former Kohga Ninha House from Sumitomo.
Not only this house but entire part of Honshio-cho used to be Sumitomo capital territory.
In front of the Shogun Palace, present Emperor Palace,
there used to be a gate that was called "Hanzo-Mon Gate".
Hanzo Hattori was the boss of all ninja.
Ninja was CIA or KGB or MOSADO of Shogun government
those days.
They were employed by Shogun secretly, there were Iga
school and Kohga school curfacely different group/style of
Ninja however both of them worked for the same client,
Hanzo's temple is still located in a temple in Shinjuku-ku
near Yotsuya station.  
 Above picture:
Cemetry of Hanzo Hattori
(The boss of Ninja)
2 chome, 9 Wakaba, Shinjuku-ku

As my grandparents were born in Meiji era, they died already
in Showa era.
My father died at the age of only 61 and my uncle used to
live there alone even after his wife(my aunt) died however
it was too big to live alone and was very cold during the
winter, it was built in Meiji Era, the new part was added in
Taisho Era.
It was not burned during the Second World War although
most of houses in Tokyo were bombed and burned by B29.
Only 3 houses remained those days in Honshio-cho and our
house was used as the community house of Honshio-cho to
issue the certification of "lost houses caused by bombed"
according to my aunt.
As my father was born and brought up there, I feel very much
nostalgic to Honshio-cho.
When I was 20 years old I lived there with my grandparents
together as my parents divorced. 
 Ninja House
in Japan
Koga Ninja House

Iga Ninja Museum

Togakushi Ninja

Ninja village for kids
Now our family don't have our lovely Honshio-cho house any
more, it was sold and now two houses have been built, it is a
little shocking scene, our little lovely garden was gone but
built on it another house, no space for trees.
I used to take care of the trees with my grandmother and my
grandfather used to bring fish from the canal fishing to our
little pond in the garden.
That is why I have recently opened the Honshio-cho House
and a Loft Bed apartment in Sakamachi..

Hanzo gate at the Imperial Palace
Thank you very much for your reading this long explanation.
If you have a question, don't hesitate to ask me.   
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