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日付 2011年7月1日7:02

Excellent idea, people need to know about Joe's good work.
Dxxxx (Canada)
日付 2011年6月30日23:47

Thanks for your beautiful news!!
Cxxx (Italia) 
日付 2011年7月1日1:05

Very nice know that.
In May my friend that lives in Taku City, Saga-Ken, in Kyushu, also went to Fukushima for a few days
with a group of 20 volunteers from Saga and helped clean up the debris from the tsunami.
Previously, soon after the disaster, he already had been in Sendai taking some medicines.
I wrote congratulaing him and saying that was a great example for his sons.

The new is that I'm planing return next year and if possible go along with Lxxx.
Further I'll send you updates and book dates to stay in Akebonboashi apartment. My initial planning
is to go at the end of June or beginning of July but I still have to check out some commitments
down here.
I hope everything is all right with you.
Best regards.
日付 2011年7月1日6:56

It is so nice to hear from you.
Hopefully I will get to travel to Japan in the near future. Actually I hope that at some point
I will have a chance to do an extra long backpacking trip in Asia. When -- time will tell...
As we know the news from Japan have not been so positive recently.
My best wishes to everyone whom those tragic events concern.
Have a nice summer!
Exxx (Finland) 
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