No smoking policy!!
Smoking is strictry forbidden in anywhere in our facility
including the territory and street that faces to us.
Not allowed to smoke where?
Room balcony, common space, entrance, garden,
roof top, parking lot, street facing to our house.
Please, smoke in your country but not in our place.
Thank you for your cooperation.
What happens if smoking:
Your deposit won't refund.
Yourself and friends you bring to our place.
Tell your friends if they smoke you'll loose your deposit.
Or simply, don't bring your smoker friends.
What happen if one person of the group smokes?
The whole deposit of the group won't refund.
 In case found out a smoking case in the middle of your stay:
You have to leave immediately.
No negotiation or refund.
Thank you for your cooperation.
 Attention to a group/family:
Keep silence:
Our houses are located in a high class residential area in the
sophisticated central Tokyo, not busy, noisy, dirty district.
Don't speak loud when you are in front of the house.
If you put music or make a party, please, close the window
not to let neighbor listen to it.

No gathering outside:
Stay inside of the house.
You can not stay outside of the house sitting or standing
chatting in front of the house that disturb neighbors.
Street is not a private garden.
If you like to chat each other, go to a park but not in front
of the house, please.
We will be not responsible if neighbor will call police to report
about the noise you might make at the entrance area.

No violence:
Don't beat others or fight/scream in our property.
In case a neighbor reports the police, you will have to leave
without refund(rent & deposit).immediately

As long as you stay calmly in our house, it will be no problem
at all. Most of our guests didn't cause any problem.
 Thank you for your cooperation!
Shinjuku Apartment