Aikido & sport athletes welcome!
private apartment for group contact:E-mail Shinjuku Apartment 
Aikido Apartment: The Entire House for Aikido Athletes
Athletes of kendo, judo, karate, kyudo (archerry) here in Shinjuku Apartment.  
to Honbudojo:
walking distance or easy access by bicycle.Aikido
1,000 yen cash back by bringing members card of Honbudojo 

Rental bicycle
reservation required
Pranes sensei & Lithuanian team 
Simone-sensei, Marco, Emilio-sensei, Jacopo, (Italia)  

Aikido and other athletes
 Cecilia-san(Cataluna)  Alain-sensei (France)  
Athletes choosindg us:
Aikido athletes from all over the world staing in our apartments.
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Argentinean, Macedonian, Lithuanian and Taiwanese.
Thank you for your practicing our traditional martial art.
Wash machine is installed in every apartment/house.
Massage doctor:
In case you are injured or need massage, go to Miwa-sensei
near Akebonbashi station.. Contact: e-mail