Shinjuku Apartment Massage contact
These are same massage parlors in this area however
if you like to have a good one in an authorized place recognized by the
of health you many have to visit a right one.
In the officially registered massage spot the massage is done by the
specialists having the licence and You can also use a health insurance:

For example:
If the massage is 1,000 yen:
Your actual payment is 300 yen.
The health insurance pays 700 yen.

Use your travel insurance or national health insurance of Japan.
National health insurance: for the people who have visa
(work, study, cultur, etc.). You pay to the massage spot only 300 yen.

For travel insurance holder:
Pay 1,000 yen and get the receipt.
You get imbursement from your insurance company with the receipt
in your country.
Many martial art athletes go to Miwa Chiryoin(treatment) near
Akebonobashi station (Shinjuku line subway).
1 minutes walk from A2 exit, through the Akebonobashi shopping street,
right side, 4 th floor of Seven Eleven building, in front of Chinese
Miwa Chiryoin:tel:03-3358-0752 call them in Japanese!

I myself have tried many different places however I prefer having
the treatment in Miwa because they are a kind of clinic that heals
the body not only giving relaxization.
They hire only the professionals who have licence that can be given
by the authority to the person who graduated alternative medical institute
where give education for a couple of years about the knowledge of
human body just like a medical collage.
In the unauthorized private massage parlors the staffs are sometimes
unprofessional or part time workers that is why it is dangerous to let them
touch the body without knowing the specialized knowledge about the
body structure/muscle/organ/disease, etc.
national health insurance of Japan visa holders paying 30%
travel health insurance traveler,
short term stayer
paying 100% then
refund 70% with receipt
It is better to take somebody who speaks Japanese as they don't speak English.

Shinjuku Apartment