Rental bicycle all 26 or 27 inches
You can ride to the Emperor's Palace, Tokyo Tower,
Harajuku easily within 15-20 minutes from our place.
2,000 yen
For your entire period.
Same price either 1 day or 1 year.
Refundable deposit: 3,000 yen
Refund with the bicycle & the key exchange.
The bicycle must be returned in a good condition
at your responsibility that next person can use right away.
In case it breaks, it must be repaired at your cost.
we have only limited numbers of bicycles.
If you come from abroad, please, reserve it with your room.
You can use our air pump installed in Akebonobashi for free.
You can get air in any bicycle shop either for free of charge
or minimum charge like 50 yen.
To save the cost come to Akebonobashi.
In Japanese bike shops good looking foreign females can often get air for free of charge (never male though....), of course
depends on the shop owner.
In case you will be caught by police (never happen to female
but male sometimes if having long hair, not shaved, wearing
cheap things like wripped T-shirt or jeans),
let them call to me.I can speak with them to release you.
Shinjuku Apartment