My recommendation Restaurant "Ukai"in Tokyo!!! tourism information
We rented a car and started from Shinjuku.
After passing Shinjuku, Shibuya, Setagaya
and a couple of towns, we have reached to
Takao. It is the where mountains start.
It is still inside of Tokyo-To(Metropolitan
Government territory)
This is a special restaurant,
hidden deep inside of the forest.
Usually you don't see any other
Japanese customers come here
for their special occasion.
As there are cemeteries and temples
around this area, temple visitors come
here to have formal meal or anniversary
family gathering.They used to have the
cheapest menu of 3700 yen however their
lowest price is 5400 yen.
If you take Keio Line from Shinjuku station
thesecond last stop is Takao.
They will pick you up at Takao station by free chuttle bus.
Inside of each rooms are purely
traditional Japanese style. The guests can
have privacy.However if you go on weekend
you'd better reserve.
They only have restaurant not hotel.
Every single corner of this huge restaurant
is charming. You forget being in Tokyo.
They serve lunch and dinner. After lunch
you can explore their big garden along the
   Upper two: There are two places to sit
and enjoy tea with bamboo cup in their
huge garden. This one is the main one
beside of the bridge.

Self grilled chicken and vegetable.
Each cabin is well done traditional
Japanese style, this time we were had
4 sides windows!
 The Shirakawa-go style traditional house
has a Ukai museum in the upper floor.
I myself haven't visited the museum yet,
accirdug to my friend there are bunch
of detailed information about Ukai. It must
be interesting, I would like to take a look
next time I will visit.
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