Reservation & cancellation policies of Shinjuku Apartment:
1 Send your e-mail with arrival/departure date, number of guests. Or application form.
2 Your reservation request will be confirmed when you make a "full rent payment".
With the minimum payment we can guranatee you an available room of the day.
We respect your request and will try to arrange to provide you what you like however we have
the priority to give the room to a guest who made a full rent payment before you.
For example:
Mr.A made a minimum rent payment for 3 nights.
Mr.B. made a rent payment in advance for 3 months
In this case Mr.B gets the room first. Mr.A's room will be some other room of us that
is availabe on his three nights. It doesn't often happen however informing our policy.
3 We have the right to cancel your reservation request due to an unavoidable situation
if your payment is not completed as we have the responsibility to prepare a room
to the guest who has made a reservatin with payment.
1 In case canceling from our side, the whole amount of payment you made will be refund
to your paypal account.
2 Canceling from your side the paypal fee will be at your cost for refund to your paypal
3 In case your payment is not done, the room can be given to other guest who pays the whole
rent before you.
4 Cancellation fee:
Before 1 month:Refund after deducting minimum rent (3 days)+ deposit.
Within 1 month : Deposit refund. Actual paypal cost will be deducted. Rent no refund.
Other rules:
 Dear Guests,

Thank you for your generousty that you only postponed your trip to Japan not to cancel
right after the Artificial Earthquake & Tsunami in the northern part of Japan.
After one month chaotic time you have visited Japan from Germany, Italy, France & Spain.
You patiently waited until the right moment and used your reservation without canceling it.
You encouraged us, some even went to Sendai for volunteer work to help the refufees camp.

I can't express my feeling how much I thank you.
I say arigatou to you from the bottom of my heart for the our people's sake
who were killed by it.

Artificial Earthquake info: 1 2 3Richard Koshimizu 4 5 6 7
Shinjuku Apartment