Culture Yann's calligraphy
The calligraphy is a traditional
brush writing.
First one leans how to imitate the model,
trying as similar as possible to it.
However once mastering to able to copy
it very well,
then comes the next step.
One first starts to create one's
own style as an artist, to develop it no more
copying the model but expressing one's
feeling freely.

Yann@Gallais has his own name in Kanji:
Gorgeous, splendid, for ever, selfless the
highest spiritual state zen philosophy.
Yann has visited Madame Kawada to
Kanagawa prefecture.
She is a former French literature professor of
Tamagawa University, the former president
of the Japan Christian Poet Association and
the authur of many books related to French
literature, history and culture.
Her residence is surrounded by beautiful
bamboo forest and well taken cared garden
with full of various of flower with a nice
Shinjuku Apartment members