Shinjuku Apartment 本文へジャンプ
Enjoy your weekend in the nature!
1 2 3 4 location : only 1 & a half hour drive from Shinjuku.

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The red bridge in Akiruno city in Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
River for fishing, swimming, mountain for
There is a couple of good barbecue spots.

Winter holiday plan
1) Tabayama Village (Yamanashi Prefecture)
A regendary gold mountain of Samurai Shingen Takeda is there.
Gold sand is still coming from the gold mine, when you swim in the fresh river water you see shining gold sand underneath.
Good for barbecue. Staying in a farmer's home. *
2) The underground cave in the mountain. You will meet the queen of the cave, Mrs.Tanaka. In Akiruno City, in Tokyo.
Her husband digged the cave by his hands as their silk business was finished after the 2nd world war.
Entrance fee: 500 yen
Open 365 days.
3) Kosuge Village (Yamanashi Prefecture)
Before Tabayama Village. There was still snow at the end of March.
4) Hinohara Village, Tokyo Metropolitan Government's only village.
Deep in the mountain. No train. Staying in a farmer's home is fun.
* 7000 yen with 2 meals.

How to rent a car
in Japan:
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Good point:
You don't see other gaijin tourists because they don't know this kind of secret places.
As the distance is near the transportation is not expensive
comparing to visit sophisticated toruistic places some like
Kyoto, Mt.Fuji, etc.
Sometimes we drove there on 50 cc scooter, if we have
4-5 people we rent a car that is around 5000 yen for a day, splitting it to the number of people, it is very cheap.
Usually we don't take a highway but just taking route 20
directly from Shinjuku. No extra charge for paid road.

How to drive in Japan:


Driver's license (English)
Drivers license:
Bring your international drivers lisence from your country.
Some of our tenants have even took the examination in the drivers license school (6000 yen) to get the Japanese
drivers license.
However if you are from EU countries, even without your international drivers license you can get it at your embassy by paying 3000 yen however it takes two days (application & reception), better bringing it from your
Contact : email tel: 81-3-3225-3110, (0)70-5561-8501