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Take lessons at Japan Dance Art!
Foreign guests of Shinjuku Apartment welcome!
Japanese dance: 5,000 yen 90 minutes (Lesson Detail)

Lesson info.
Male style:
Samurai dance with a fan.

Female style:
Umbrella dance(Genroku).

You can learn both style.
Nihongo ( Japanese language) 2500 yen 60 minutes
Conversation, reading, writing
(hiragana, katakana and kanji).

According to your level.

Caligraphy(brush painting) is availeble.

Kimono (how to wear) 4,000 yen 60minutes

kimono & hakama pantalons :
how to fold & to wear
Obi belt: how to tie
Souvenir pictures will be taken and give the file for free.

Samurai suits:
5 lesson:
2,500yenx 5 lesson=12,500 yen
10 lesson: 24,000 yen

Dance lesson
All lessons are private. Reservation requird.
Reserve lessons with a room or without it.
Special room rate for cultural lesson students: 3800yen/day
4000yen/day(holiday season)
Enjoy Japan! Contact: e-mail