Shinjuku Apartment 本文へジャンプ
Commented by present & former tenants:

Thank you for your staying with us!

Laxxxx, France Maxxx, Spain Faxxxxxx, Germany Vixxxx, Finnland

I arrived in Tokyo in july 2006 with a friend for a one month Aikido stage at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.
I’ve enjoyed my stay in Marika’s appartment.
First of all, it is quite difficult for foreigners to find accomodations in Tokyo for such a short term.
Marika’s appartment are very convenient for such a trip ! They are well located near the Hombu Dojo in Shinjuku and very close to subway
In addition, Marika has let us to use two bicycles for the length of our stay, so that in was very easy to go to the Dojo and to visit Tokyo.
The room was very neat and confortable, it comes with access to a fully equipped kitchen and shower/bathroom as well as washing machine and dryer (very important for aikido practicants), and of course air con.
Moreover, Marika is always willing to help with your stay in japan
and she can give you many advices ; She speaks english fluently as for as many other languages like french !!
This was very convenient for my friend who did not understood english !
You can meet many different interesting people in the appartment from all over the world, this makes your stay a very interesting experience!
So if you want to stay in Tokyo, think about Marika’s appartments !

Bio technologist

I arrived in Tokyo for a four months stage at the university. I can't speak
japanese and sometimes is really difficult communicate with japanese people.
In the Shinjuku appartment I found fantastic foreing and japanese people
that they help me everytime, with a kind and friendly ambient. The
appartment is near the center and I could move and visit Tokyo without
problem. The house is quite, rooms are comfortables and you can find all the
things that you need in your normal and domestic life. Thank you to my stage
in Shinjuku appartment, I could enjoy more Tokyo, Japan and the intense and
different culture.

(stayed in Kagurazaka)

PhD student

In the summer of 2003 I had opportunity to get a recommendation from one of my friends.
I enjoy to recall my memory of my stay.
German speaking landlord lady was very friendly, careful and helped us every time. She spent her time to show me the city. This traditional Japanese style apartment is clean and comfortable. There are all what one needs in the daily life, fridge, freezer, cocking stove, aircondition, wash machine and dryer. The sharing flat mates were so nice I still have contact with them. The apartment is located middle of Tokyo however one feels comfortable. At the corner there is a public bath house,
many small shops, little restaurants and bars.
From the apartment by walk or bicycling it takes
several minutes to Shinjuku
I can reccoment Shinjuku Apartment to everybody.
I have stayed here again in the summer of 2003 & 2004 for a while and like to come againg in the futur.

PhD student

Dear all,

I'm a researcher visiting at Waseda university, and have so far spend
four months in Tokyo.
I looked into several housing options and found Shinjuku Apartment to be the optimal choice in terms of location, price and convenience.
Many competing housing options advertise that they are "20 minutes from Shinjuku" or similar, which actually means that they are quite a bit outside the Shinjuku ward.
This is a problem if you wish to get home after a night out when the trains have stopped going, or if you wish to commute by bicycle like I do.
Shinjuku Apartment houses are located in the heart of Tokyo, so you don't waste your precious time travelling. Considering this, Shinjuku Apartment is very competitively priced and flexible.

Researcher, Ph.D. studentI
Toxxxx, Vietnam Stxxxx Norway Roxxx, Germany Saxxxx, U.S.A.
If I am asked what would be the happiest time I have had in Tokyo, the answer would undoubtedly be the year I stayed in Shinjuku Apartment (SA). It was between Fall 2004 - Winter 2005.
SA offered me not just a clean, neat and comfortable place to stay for my study, it offered me the culture of Japan too.
I moved from a 4.5 mat sunny room to a 6 mat no-window room. All were particularly japanese. All were rich in tradition. You can never find such rooms anywhere you travel. They gave you a special taste, a good picture of how japanese live, and work. Come to Tokyo and stay in Hilton or the Hyatt, then you'd better not come !
The landlady was another reason why I loved SA. She was amazing, speaking to you in your mother tongue :( (or at least English or one other common language). She was nice to me (and my friends). She took us on tours, showing us another part of Tokyo, revealing another picture of Tokyo and its immediate neighbors to our poor artistic soul. She inspired us of our stay in Japan.
Now I am staying in a better place, as my life is on another page.
Thank you, Marika-sensei, for giving me a good reason to remember Japan, and Tokyo.
(stayed in 3 bedroom flat in Akebonobashi)

National Bank.
OhD student

hey,im a tattoo artist from norway and im staying in marika´s shinjuku appartment on the rooftop garden.
i love the place,it is wey cosy and it is complete privacy in the heart of tokyo.
marika is the coolest lady ever,she has helped me alot since i came to japan.
this is my first time and my reason here was to try to meet the one and only true tattoo-master.
she called him for me and arranged a meeting,and she even comes with me every time so i can find the place and transelate so we can speak together since i dont know any japanese.
she even let me borrow a bikesycle,and that was awsome becase it is wery eazy to get lost if u are new here.
i highly recomend staying at any of her appartments.
had another room for some weeks when i was waiting for the rooftop,this was also great prize and a great traditional japanese room.
thank you soo much for everything marika!

(stayed in the roof top garden
room in Ushigome-Yanagicho)

Tattoo artist

If you are looking for a convenient, affordable place in Tokyo, seek no
Marika-san offers fully furnished rooms at very reasonable prices. And what is more, she is exceptionally kind and does her best to make you feel welcome and
comfortable. Also, she speaks fluent English and German plus several other languages and is very internationally minded, so you won`t have to worry about language or cultural barriers.
The room I live in is clean and convenient and surprisingly quiet, yet it is located in central Tokyo.
Furthermore, it comes with access to a fully equipped kitchen and shower/bathroom as well as washing machine and dryer.
Whether you are here on business, as a student or a tourist, Marika`s appartments are perfect for every purpose.

Japanese study
Hi! As a foreigner trying to live in Japan we become faced with many
challenges that are unrelated to any situation a local Japanese would
ever encounter. However, we often forge ahead and do our best to
endure the continuing nonsense.
One of the biggest challenges is
renting an apartment or house. Key money, non-refundable deposit, (so called) refundable deposit, and "please" money is the first worry,
then there is the 2-4 Guarantors you might need - shall I continue....
Anyway, as I searched and searched and I eventually found "Marika" a
petite woman with more energy and perseverance than a curious cat on
cat-nip! She showed me one of her rooms and even though I was not so
excited to share I took the place, and after that it was all so fun!
I met and lived with many interesting people from different parts of the world, made friends, and was never alone.
Tokyo is full of people, but even when you are surrounded by many,
you are really all alone.

Moreover, I am a man that needs his own space and so I endured the
shared room for a little over a year before getting my chance to live in the only private apartment Marika has, and I have now been here for 2 plus years.
My goal is to move to a larger place someday, but for now this centrally located, reasonably priced, semi-furnished
Shinjuku apartment is my home.
Thank you Marika for all you do!
Without your support, many of us foreigners would be homeless or

Business Professional
Exxxx, Germany Anxx, Australia Jxxx-Fxxxx, France Chxxxx, Canada

In the summer of 2007 I spent three months in the Kagurazaka house of Shinjuku Apartments.
Ms. Marika, the German speaking landlord lady was very friendly, careful and helped me every time.

The apartment was clean and comfortable.
My room was 19 sqm big and was fully furnished with Japanese style furniture.
The apartment included everything one needs in the daily life like fridge, freezer, cocking stove, aircondition, wash machine and dryer.

The apartment is located in Idabashi, a neighborhood in the center of Tokyo.
The Kagurazaka-dori is the lovely high street of Idabashi and you can find hundreds of good and reasonable restaurants and shops in the area. Furthermore, from the apartment all other center districts are easy to reach by bike or subway.

I shared the apartment with four other international people.
My room mates were all very nice and it was a very easy and convenient to meet new people in Tokyo.

I can recommend Shinjuku Apartments to everyone.
Especially the well located area and the very nice and friendly land lady make the stay very pleasant and enjoyable.


Hello People. Three of my six years spent in Japan were in the wonder that is Shinjuku Apartments.
They are some of the most conveniently located and priced apartments anywhere in Tokyo. Everything that you will need for your stay is provided.
The Place is clean, the other tenants are all good people, and the landlord is very friendly and always willing to help with your stay in Japan.
Many other shared apartments tend to be expensive, not as clean and not with such a pleasant atmosphere.
And living solo in Tokyo has been made a major difficulty for foreigners.
My time spent in Shinjuku was most enjoyable.
And many of the people I met there are still my friends today.
So if you want the best experience to your time in Tokyo, stay in Shinjuku Apartments!

(stayed in 3 bedroom flat in

Althenative medical

Hello everyone !
During my holidays in Tokyo I had a problem of housing and I needed to find quickly somewhere to stay for 2 weeks and a half.
A friend recommended me Marika san's appartments because he was living there and felt really fine there.
Marika san is a very kind person, who can help you when you're in trouble.
She can speak french, english, ... which is very convenient when you don't understand japanese.
She even lent me a bicycle during my stay.
Shinjuku Appartements are really well located.
Neighour is pleasant and quiet.
Some appartments are not very far from center of Shinjuku, some are near from Iidabashi, nice district.
And they are just at few minutes to subway stations.
Appartements are really comfortable, you have all convenience (equipped kitchen, bathroom, washing-drying machine, air conditionner, Internet).
You can stay there even for a very short period.

It's not easy to find housing as good as those ones !

Marika will always do her best to make your stay (for short or long period) enjoyable.
Thank you Marika san !

Web designer
f you are coming to Tokyo and want to have a unique, fulfilling
experience without getting ripped off in the world`s most expensive city,
give Marika`s apartments a try.
To begin with it is notoriously difficult for foreigners to find an apartment in Tokyo -- usually we are required to pay huge deposits/down payments (i.e. shikikin, reikin, agency fees etc.)
and often they won`t even rent to gaijin to begin with.
Marika`s apartments are special because she is completely open to foreigners, doesn`t require
huge lump sums of money to move in and the locations are very good (in the heart of Shinjuku - the most convenient place in Tokyo).
The rooms are clean, furnished and shared with other friendly and interesting internationals.
Unless you`re willing to waste a ton of money on an overpriced room with a greedy rental corporation (like leopalace) or something (really a rip off!), or are rich enough to actually rent a place on your own, I would say Marika provides the best value in Tokyo.
She practically provides these rooms out of charity, as she puts a lot of work into helping foreigners move in and doesn`t even profit herself (she seems more interested in meeting new interesting, intellectual and well-educted people than making money).
Also, Marika herself is a very interesting and intelligent women who is always willing to help.
She has many worldly experiences, is well-travelled and can speak several languages. She is very reasonable and will make your experience unforgetable.

Writer, company owner
Cexxx, France Mixxx Germany Bexxx France
I arrived in Tokyo an evening of november to take some Aïkido's lessons during several days.

Marika received me very warmly and accomodated me in her appartement in Shinjuku.
You have everything you need on it and it's close to markets, subway station and for aïkido students it's close to the Aïkikai.
I had a very nice time there, with the other persons in the flat too.
Domo aligato to Marika ( and to Max and Olivier)

(stayed in 3 bedroom flat in

Officer of the Ministry of
Labor in France

Merci infiniment pour cette attention très gentil.
Je me suis déjà trouver un très bon magasin accoter du Tokyo Dome, il et
J aime votre pays je ne veux plus partir, il est merveilleux, et, le peuple
JAPONAIS est d une gentillesse infini.
Je vous remercie et je vous reconnecterai très bientôt par @mail.

P.S. TOKYO est une ville fabuleuse j en suis tomber amoureux!!!

I enjoy my stay in Shinjuku Apartment.
You can meet lots of people from different countries
during your stay.
My flat mates are funny and outgoing people.
The apartment includes everthing you need for your daily life.
Starting from fridge, washing mashine, dryer to aircon.
If you wanna have a good start in Japan,
give Shinjuku Apartment a try.It's worth it!

(stayed in 3 bedroom flat in

business professional
I stayed three times so far in Marika's Shinjuku appartment. I came twice as a student and once on a vacation.

Whether you can speak Japanese or not, you'll feel at ease with the landlord who's completly fluent in English and who's also pretty good in French! Those appartment are very convenient and Marika also gave me a bicycle each time so I can enjoy the city's surface instead of only using the subway.

You'll find here completly furnished rooms/kitchen/toilet/bathroom and free access to unlimited high speed internet access. Finally, the rooms are all being supervised on a human level. If you have question/problem, you can just send a mail and you'll get an answer on the same day (often face to face); that's nothing like Sxxxx House where you feel alone in front of a hudge company.
I highly recommend staying at Marika's Shinjuku appartment.

Stayed at Enoki house, Suzuki House and room 2o4

Asian Market MBA student