Shinjuku Apartment
2 bedroom private house
Loft Bed private 1 room
Contact:   Private 1 Room Studio Single use
 Notice: Recently this studio has changed to a traditional Japanese room with futon mat(semi-double size)
on tatami mat. This room is no more a single room with a high bed but tatami room for a couple
with a semi-double futon. Old pictures are shown just to show the atmosphere of the arrangement of the property.
 When no need, futon can be folded.  Behind the curtain is small balcony.  Modem is behind the mirror.
Storage space behind the curtain  Wooden low table can be folded.  Unit Bathroom right side. 
Putting blanket on wooden floor.  Small fridge is beside the kitchen sink.  A big mirror at the wall.
Under the high bed is storage space.   Lower table for PC is under the bed. Behind the screen is balony. 
Between Yotsuya and Shinanomachi.
Available to Yotsuya-sanchome.
This is probably the most sophisticated and elegant district of Shinjuku-ku
or even in Tokyo.
Below pictures are the State Guest
House for national guests like foreign
Behind this palace, exact copy of
Versaille, us Crown Prince resident.
High standard area.
 Paper screen curtain is matching
to the hanging light.

Unit bathroom/toilet is right side.
Left side is kitchen & sink.

Your 1 room is rather small
however in the best area of Tokyo.
 The main gate of the Crown Price
Resident where you might see the
royal family.
 The street that leads you from
Yotsuya station to the apartment.
In front of the Crown Prince resident is is a park with full of trees. Nice to walk. 
Note: This apartment is suitable only for 1 person as it is small. However in case for a short term
it can be possible also for 2, putting an extra futon bedding on the floor, to save the cost,
not recommended though if you are a couple..
For a couple or 3 persons, we will provide you other rooms like Loft bed with double size or
some other rooms those have a double size bed or futon in a sharing room.
More than 3 persons, 2 bedroom private house/apartment is recommended.  
Upgrade info: A room with a single size bed was not practical in case 2 person arrived.
We managed to put an extra futon on floor however it killed space.
Now we are planning to change this room from a single room to a semi-double room with nice Japanese
taste with tatami mat.
We will do it these days, when it will be ready new photos will be uploaded.(2011 May 23rd)
e-mail: contact us by e-mail Shinjuku Apartment
Tel: 03-3225-3110, 070-5561-850
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