Good memories of Jordan

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Memories of Iraq
Jordan 3:
Thank you for your hospitality and kindness accepting me as a friend of your family. I could never have such a good experience being in a real Jordanian family.

In the pastry shop
This is the biggest pastry shop in Amman.
There are few very nice things like Wakrava, Arabian typical sweets.
In the pastry shop

Khaldoun is not in the picture as he was taking this shoot.
I was very sorry wearing a short skirt at that time.
At least I didn't wear short sleeve but I felt terribly sorry for my outfit.
Up second visit to Arabian countries I was only in long skirt.
with Khaldoun's friends
with Khaldoun's friends

pastry shop
The best pastry shop in Amman.
pastry shop

Good to hear from you again after so many years!
I'm glad to know that you are doing well in Geneva.
In Switzerland
In Switzerland

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