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 Order Nankin Tamasudare by EMS (Japan Postal Parcel)
 Grade  Size  Sticks Price:
Super Professional   39  56 18,000 yen 
Professional Style
 33cmx47cm  56 .15,000 yen (Using waxed string)
Class A 
 33cm  56  10,000 yen
Student   30cmx39cm  44-46  7,000 yen
Postage Depends on the location and number of items.
Tamasudare used to be performed by the lowest class group of performers.
They traveled from prefecture to prefecture not staying in one place.
Under the shogun government
everybody had to spend their lives in the same place, it was let the
farmers to stay in their rice
field to take the tax rice. However there were class of people who didn't
belong to any of the class
society, they were probably not even officially registered as they never
stay in one place.
Their way of the life was showing their performing technic at a market or
festival on shrines/temples
in different prefectures.
That was why their costume was always traveling wear, their pants were
tightly tied never wearing geisha style kimono or samurai pants however
we, Japan Dance Art, perform only in the respectacle,
high class costume those were worn by the upper class people.
As we have been performed in numerous countries we have realized that
we should wear highly
respectable outfit for performing in the national theaters or official places
not in the miserable low class outfit.
The Nankintamasudare Spectacle Show of Japan Dance Art has class
nd sophistication, mainly
done by well selected good looking people not by anybody.
Our costume are expensive as we use real kimono not cheap tamasudare uniform that is not our style.
I want to let my dancers to feel proud of theirselves.
Actually they are either dancers or dance school students because "my"tamasudare requires a lot of body movement that only trained dancers
body can express.
Body without having dance training is considered not beautiful according to
our concept.
We have international performing group and our tamasudare was performed
by Japanese, Russian,
French, British, Dutch, Ukranian, Korean, Canadian, Swiss.
If you would like to join us to perform, contact us.
Hope to have a show together on stage near future!
God bless you!
Marika (Director of Japan Dance Art) Contact
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