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Let's make kimono!
We are trying to make
Hakama(traditional Japanese pantalone) and Kamishimo (samurai style vest).
Can we do it?
You will be surprised to see the price of Kimono and kimono related things in department stores.
Let's make kimono by ourselves!
Although we use sewing machine we still take care the back side by hand so that it doesn't be shown to the front side.
The back side is only to protect the delicate material.
It can be any color as it is not be shown to the audience.
This is called Hakama, traditional Japanese pants.
Very loose, can be fit for anybody, it doesn't matter either thin or fat.
3 Hakamas are for Samurai who do intelligent work like in Shogun government parlament officer.
The right one is also for Samurai but for the lower class Samurai, that is why the pants is thiner than other type for practical movement required work like guarding, carring and any physical work.
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Last updated: 2003/4/11

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